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Flying Kick Martial Arts and Fitness has made a tremendous impact on my life.  I not only feel better physically but also mentally.
~ Julie Lewis
Chatsworth, CA

Flying Kick Martial Arts studio is the most awesome and complete studio I have ever seen and I am proud to send my Son (& soon my Daughter) to your school.
~ James Vanderschaaf
Chatsworth, CA

When I enrolled Lien in your classes I just wanted him to learn self-defense, but he learned a lot more.
~ Lennie Roque

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Adult Martial Arts and Fitness

Adult Martial Arts and Fitness

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Flying Kick Martial Arts and Fitness - Why Flying Kick?

Regardless of condition, age or gender, anyone can practice martial arts. Properly practiced marital arts can bring about positive physical and psychological changes.

While there is significant proof on the physical benefits of martial arts training, the psychological benefits have a subtle but defined impact.

One of the most psychological impacts of martial arts training is the increase in self-confidence. Many people live in fear of being attacked. We have all been in situations where our self- confidence has been questioned.

In addition to improved physical stamina, increased body strength and flexibility, martial arts training is highly affective in reducing stress, developing positive mental toughness while learning effective self-defense. There is usually an inverse relationship between the amount of time someone has been practicing, and the level of their aggression, hostility, and anxiety. The opposite can be said about the independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence of practitioners, which tends to increase with the period of time they have been training.

Sports have some similarities with martial arts training. These include physical fitness, coordination development, and social interaction. The Martial arts, however, differ in their focus on the overall development of the practitioner. While martial arts tend to strive toward self-control and self-knowledge, many sports focus solely on competition between individuals and groups.

At Flying Kick Martial Arts we compete with focus on self development rather than just winning or losing. We train the mind through physical practice as we tend to focus on mind/body integration. Training martial arts with the mindset of self development allows you to become the best person you can be with what you got. While regular exercise has proven to have a positive psychological influence, research that directly compares martial arts with regular exercise shows greater and more diverse psychological benefits through martial arts training. We promote a healthy way of life as well as physical development. This combination allows Flying Kick Martial Arts to work wonders for many people. Find out if this is for you! Call today and come try a class for free..

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