It is not about fighting. It is about discipline, focus, and instilling the practice of positive habits so that they can use it in every aspect of life from problem solving to social networking and beyond.


Why start?

Martial arts develops mental toughness so your child may not be bullied or pushed around through his or
her childhood, transforming your child into a strong and well balanced individual as they grow.

When to start?

Your child can start at 4 years old if his or her attention span is determined and will benefit from the
curriculum. Students as young as 3 years old are accepted with the accompaniment of a parent or guardian
on the mat.

With family plans starting at as low as $99 per student per month, with other economical plans to meet every student’s needs.




4:30-5:30 beginner/intermediate kids
5:30-6:30 intermediate/young advanced

3:30-4:30 beginners young children
4:30-5:30 beginners/intermediate children
5:30-6:30 advanced teen and adult